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LaOta of House Rassoull | Second of Her Name | The King Maker Queen | Arsonist of Limitations | Breaker of Mental Chains | Transformational Teacher  | Power Broker | Mind Alchemist 


     "Become The Architect of  Your Reality"

The King Maker's passion and purpose is artfully executed in an alchemic process combining phycology and metaphysics. This unique dichotomy is the foundation from which she is able to successfully prepare individuals for their thrones, in whatever form that may take.

Through many free resources, 1:1 and group mind-alchemy, empowering virtual courses and life altering  live experiences our clients are empowered to transform their own lives in ever expanding and sustainable ways.


The King Maker's main objective is to change the way individual's think, what they believe and therefore redefine what we consider possible.

Most of the suffering in the world we truly believe is caused by a sense of dis-empowerment and self imposed victimhood. This is an area where we place a lot of our resources to replace all self imposed suffering with true freedom, inspiration and empowerment. This internal paradigm shift produces a result that can never be taken from you. 

Fire is a cleansing and renewing element, so at times, in order to prepare a person for their coronation into a new more expansive life; we must shatter the very foundation of ones belief's and commit arson upon the tenants of life as they currently know it. 

We are climbing outside of the boxes that have enslaves us and burning burning the fucking boxes!

 Those who are ready to claim their crowns, are invited to join us in a process called 


"The Creation of Magic"


which enables an individual to first recognize than subsequently access their own latent power. 


For business owners who want to inspire and empower their team to become more; successful, profitable and more effective, we have performance coaching packages to elevate your business to its optimal potential.

Every experience we create, every service we provide, and every action we take, is with the precise intention of providing the empowerment needed for anyone to learn to become the architect of their own reality, and never again be a victim of anything or anyone.  

Empowering our clients to access the power to create unique magical life experiences.



  We offer inspiration in many forms: 


Most importantly, The King Maker aid's in the creation of the vibrational and physical infrastructure necessary to erect the throne from which you will offer

your inspiration to the world!

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