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1:1 Mind Alchemy WITH THE KING MAKER

What is mind alchemy?


First let’s look at the word Alchemy: 


If you were to look up the definition of alchemy…one definition refers to a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.


And for those who are familiar with historical references to alchemy it  was traditionally used as a means to take regular metal and transform into gold, often times with the goal of somehow achieving a Cure for diseases or even to extend life. 


Alchemy in it’s initial study was an attempt to find and thus understand the correlation between man and the cosmos or God. As we like to currently reference it, between human beings & the universe. 


Alchemy still to this day shrouded in mystery and not really understood and not taught in school even to the point of considering it a form of mysticism. 


But it all stemmed from man’s or human beings desire to be closer to or even wield the forces of creation. What they didn’t know back then in mid-evil times and what you will learn today is that mind alchemy is how you actually accomplish that. 


And the connection between our minds and the universe that we are surrounded with is quite palpable. We are so wrapped up however in our daily comings, going’s and doings, the endless stress we are under and all the intangibles that make up our modern society that we don’t connect with these forces of creation, we don’t tap into the power that is available to us. 


And so that we’re clear this is not “woo, woo” stuff… I do have a virtual experience called “the creation of magic” if you go to my Instagram page or my TikTok page you’ll find tips for creating magic in your life and practical magic life hacks (you can follow me on both @iamthekingmakerqueen.)


I use the terminology magic very purposefully because that’s what it feels like when you’re tapping into, when your connected with what people like to call “God Force” the Universe or my personal favorite “the power that creates worlds”. I have a page on this website called magic is mathematics on this page I give an in-depth yet brief overview of how Magic is can be proven within mathematics and science. So for anyone struggling with making the concept of magic more practical I suggest checking  that out.


So many of us are so disconnected from this energy and because of it struggle, we suffer and we believe sacrifice is the only way to achieve our aspirations in life, when in reality working cohesively with this force, this power to create Magic 🪄” to transform every aspect of our lives that no longer serves us & likely never did by wielding mind Alchemy is how life was always meant to be.


We just don’t recognize it, we don’t believe in it, we don’t even know what that looks like; we don’t know what it feels like, so I’m here today to introduce you the immeasurable power you have available to you, to open your mind and cause you to see things a little bit clearer. 


The motto mission phrase if you will for my personal and spiritual development brand is :

“Become the architect of your reality”


1:1 Mind Alchemy is for you...if you are ready to change your life. This service is for you, if you want to be guided on how to become the architect of your reality, and no longer feel like a victim of the circumstances you find yourself in.


1:1 Mind Alchemy will help you reprogram your beliefs about what you get to have; what is possible for you; and how the world gets to works for you.


Choosing to take advantage of this service means you will receive specific and personalized step by step guidance in areas of your life or business that will forever shift the way you perceive and experience reality.

You will also receive access to The King Maker's entire body of work; paid mediations, recorded sessions, bundles as well as all virtual courses.



I am Ready!
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