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A solution to everything!

Today's topic is about the power of feeling good now. It's such a simple thing. And I to be honest literally when the first time this concept concept was brought to me. I dismissed it as you know, just too easy to really solve anything or cause anything to change or shift and I have found that it's the simplest and easiest solution in life to life. So when you're in the frequencies of feeling Good Feeling amazing feeling great knowing that the Universe has your back knowing that you are supported knowing that everything is on the right track.

That's literally what happens everything's on the right track. Everything you are supported. There is no downside to that situation and most of the things that you say that you want come to you naturally and easy and you don't have to think really really hard about them and you don't have to, you know work really really hard with it and a lot of times, you know, we feel okay and then something happens and we fall out of the frequency of feeling good and then it takes us a while to get back to it. So and then we'll maybe we'll call it four or five people and talk about how annoyed we are with whatever happened and it keeps us in this frequency of not being happy if we would just noticed something we don't like decide we want to have a different experience.

And set something in motion to do that, which literally can be simple as simple energetic statement of I will experience XY and z or r i will only entertain ease and Grace or whatever it is that works based on whatever you're noticing things immediately start to shift. So you do that and then you find your happy place you get that you go back to that thing that is constantly will get you back into the feeling good frequency. So, you know, some people have multiple things everybody has we you know, it's been it's been said this way for a long time our happy place hope oh no, which I refer to as the Holy Grail frequency is a really good method of doing that when you need to get back up into a frequency Sometimes some people it's music some people it's, you know comedy something. I mean, it could be any number of things find the thing.

That will always bring you back and use it whenever something.

Annoys you or something happens. It isn't quite what quite what you wanted to happen and you find yourself irritated or whatever and the it is a choice to remain in the frequency of irritation or annoyance or aggravation or anger or whatever versus choosing to notice it acknowledged it shift it energetically and then get yourself back to a frequency of happiness. I can't tell you enough how just remaining in the frequency of happiness and being supported and feeling good and feeling amazing makes everything in life. Okay, and you can say things like well, you know, if you just everybody just go through life feeling good, you know, what about the feeling good serial killers and this and this what you'll find is every single person that really, you know commits a horrific crimes and mass shootings and you know, all the things these are people who are happy.

Are doing things because they're happy they're doing things out of fear, or they're doing things out of shame or guilt or some other variation of negative low low on the totem pole frequencies. Nobody's Out and because they're so happy. They shoot up everybody people aren't performing hate crimes because they're happy. They are performing hate crimes because they're in a frequency of hatred people are you know going out and starting Wars because they're fearful of what someone else is going to do to them. When I tell you that the solution to most of the world's problems is if everybody would just choose to be happy and that anything else as a dominant frequency is unacceptable everything would change everybody would change but we like to be in the molds of things that were comfortable with and a lot of people don't know how to really get in that.

Was because this is Leah being happy when they're doing things. They don't want to be doing or they're in a relationship. They're not happy with or something and there's all these outside factors, but what people don't realize is when you're happy, you're telling the universe that the universe is listening not to the words you're saying but to your vibration universe is saying I need to give her more happiness which in turn means that a lot of the things that cause aggravation naturally easily get removed out of that person's life experience being happy is the key to everything anything you want to manifest you can manifest from a place of being happy. You can't manifest or create a new circumstance that you want from a place of fear or being uncertain or being aggravated. That's not or angry. That's not where you build and get what you want from unless what you want is more of that so hopefully

Lee I've been able to explain this concept in a way that's clear and

And hopefully this will be life-altering for someone.

To know and I do it. I live it every day. There are things that come up and I'm annoyed by my make amends. No. No, I decide what the experience I want to have and then I get myself right back to that feeling of being on top of the motherfucking world and knowing that everything is always working out for me and knowing that I can't get wrong and I can't fuck it up and it's always where I am and my growth there is no wrong. There is no mess up. I take this route and I found out that's not the way I want to go. What's the worst that could happen? I turn around and go the other way so I leave you with that until next time

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