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everything is an inside job...

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

The kingmaker here with today's Royal Decree: I was inspired by a conversation I had, while I was on my way to South Beach and then I noticed it immediately materialized.

I've noticed when a certain energies need to be identified or explored they seem to surface, then they resurface in different places with different people. As evidence of that, I ended up having a conversation with a family member today where I needed to talk about the same thing. So the topic of today's blog is everything is an inside job. I believe my mother said that "LaOta Of the Sun" and it really inspired me.

What we have to realize is anything that we notice in our environment that we don't like we have the ability to change. But it's not just that we have the ability to change because a lot of people recognize that much. We are a magnet for or an energetic or vibrational match for whatever that experience is; and when your average person experiences something in life and they go hmmm, I don't like this and they make a mental note that they don't like it...then

maybe they call their friends and they talk about it for a little bit, but there's no real attempt to put a solution to the identified annoyance.

There's no real declaration of change. So in my process called "The Creation Magic", step one is to decide what you want, which works for anything, if you have an experience where you notice that people are taking advantage of you then your next step is to decide that #1 you will no longer entertain that type of interaction and that you want people to be considerate of you, your possessions, of your time or whatever is relevant. Simply choose the opposite of the uncomfortable experience you are having and that same premise works for anything.

So whenever you're having a moment and you notice something and you're like hmm, I don't really like the way this feels; the first question you should be asking yourself is why am I experiencing this? What is it about me that is attracting this particular situation.

I personally have done it with things as big as getting in car accidents and as small things like having a minor annoyance take place.

So all of this to say...

Everything is an inside job. When you identify something you don't like you make a decision, a conscious active decision, that you want a different experience because nothing really changes until you do that. People go through their entire lives noticing stuff that they don't like and they keep experiencing it over and over again and then they keep talking about it which makes the situation worse, only in the sense that they are calling forth more of that exact experience.

They get themselves all worked up and surround themselves with the energy of this horrible experience. So instead of getting themselves in the energy of the positive experience that they're going to have, which is the opposite of this thing that they don't or no longer want, they stay in the energy and vibration of what they want to avoid.

If you're a person who wants something and doesn't have it, we must acknowledge that there's a reason you don't have it. Either we think we don't deserve it, we don't think it's available to us for whatever reason, we are offering resistance towards what we want unconsciously or we think that what we want is outside of our control. All of those things are in a frequency of being powerless and being powerless is not something we do.

The entire purpose of why I'm here, doing what I'm doing is to empower people..for them to know that they can become the architect of their own realities.

That doesn't only apply when it comes to certain ideas. That doesn't only work as it pertains to Money, Health, Success or Love. It works as it pertains to anything. Hell, I was in the grocery store the other day and, it's 90+ degrees outside and then it's cold in the freezer and refrigerator section, so I was saying to myself "Oh my God, it's cold. It's cold. It's cold"...then I realized what I was doing, so I said no, I'm warm, I'm warm, I'm warm and within 15 seconds, I was warm. I didn't even notice the cold anymore. It works with everything!

So the next time you notice yourself in a circumstance where you are not happy with something that is happening to you or around you; especially if it has to do with another person ( this is what really gets good...) stop for a moment and figure out why this is happening to you?

What is it about you, that's an magnet for this experience? Some of this will have to do with the boxes of limitation that I'm always setting on fire, some are subconscious things that are in play like old subconscious belief systems from your childhood that makes you magnet energetically or vibrationally for certain things.

So sometimes you have to dig a little deep, but in general the first step is just to decide that you want to have a different experience. When you're having an experience and it's not what you want it to be, especially when it comes to another person; it doesn't necessarily mean that you call this person up and you tell them...everything that's wrong with them and everything you don't like. Sometimes inspired action is required like; taking a stand and sharing with someone how you think or feel is the thing to do, however in most situations people changing themselves by recalibrating what they are willing to entertain or accept removes the circumstance itself from the equation.

I have seen entire situations just resolve themselves without any confrontation just by an individual changing what they're willing to have, making that declaration getting over all their boxes of limitations that cause them to believe that they can't have it. It's literally like the problem just got up and walked away willingly, and it's quite magical to behold...which is why we call this process "The Creation of Magic".

Digital Course has been released and I'm super excited about it. This is a life-altering transformation opportunity you don't want to miss! Thank you for reading"Everything Is An Inside Job"...until next time. Sending Light, Love & Gratitude Always - The King Maker

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