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Who is The King Maker?

I am Here To Inspire You Become The Architect of Your Own Reality” -

The King Maker 4:44

My name is LaOta Rassoull and I am The King Maker.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to say that I am free, abundant & LIVING my life purpose.

A couple years ago I was a single mother of 3 children, living in a 5 bedroom very nice house with a live in nanny, driving two nice cars making multiple 6 figures. Yet everyday, I would go to work and feel like, I was completely wasting my time.

Now I wake up everyday knowing I get to serve my higher purpose by helping people get unstuck from life experiences that cause them to feel like they can’t live their passion or have what they want.

Be it more money, better health, a business that inspires & excites them to get out of the bed in the morning, a more cohesive and pleasurable love life or all of those things. I am here to say and to prove to you that you can have everything that you desire.

As The King Maker, I energetically & tangibly prepare my clients for their thrones, in whatever form that may take. My services are for those who are ready to step into living their most exalted & expansive life experience.

If you are ready to “claim your crown & take your throne”, you are cordially invited to join me in Energetic 1:1 Business and/or Life Coaching.

Every course, every service, every action I take, is with the precise intention of providing the inspiration needed for anyone to access their latent power to create their own magical life experiences.

Most importantly, I help to create the vibrational & physical infrastructure necessary to erect the Throne from which they will offer their inspiration to the world.

I will share with you my personal experiences, along with scientifically proven techniques that will for absolute certainty work if applied correctly. Through a process called “The Creation of Magic”

I offer inspiration in many forms:

- 1:1 Energetic life and business coaching

- Upcoming life altering online courses

- Motivations for any mood

- Inspirational decrees

- Meditations for any creation

- Free guidance in the form of declarations of inspiration like my upcoming podcast “Claim Your Crown”.

This may be for you if you truly believe and want to “Become The Architect of Your Own Reality” I invite you to visit my website where all of my services are available:

I am @thekingmaker444 on all the social media platforms. Looking forward to seeing you there until next time!

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