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What people think of you is none of your business.

I felt a declaration

I felt a declaration of inspiration coming upon me. Here we go. So in the last I don't know probably three four five days or so. I've had multiple conversations with clients as well as even with friends and in some circumstances with family and it's all seems to be centered around the same topic, even though the circumstance the circumstances of each situation Bassett differ. So I said this I recorded a video probably maybe three or four months ago might have been longer than that for Instagram where I go.

Did this but the quote was what other people think of you is none of your business and I have to say that in this moment that is more true for me now than it was when I heard it years ago for the first time. It was like I wanted to believe it back but like, you know, I was still in operating at the time where what people said about me to me in reference to me matter. So what you really have to understand is that what people think about you, especially when they go so far as to like, you know call people up and talk about you and you know, or you know, you have people on the internet trolling and there's every variation of that circumstance most

That most of what people have to say about you has less to do with you and more to do with them. The reason someone really really doesn't like you has to do with potentially how they have themselves been triggered in any given circumstance it there's a lot of different reasons, but the fact that someone would feel compelled especially to want to say something hurtful or mean and I've had people go as far as to sabotage me which I'm no longer energetic mask for let me say but it happened to me multiple times under multiple circumstances and that wasn't fun. But that had less to do with me as a person more to do with them as a person and them dealing with their own shit, but people don't like to deal with their own shit. They like to project their shit on to you.

Make you the focal point of why they don't feel good about them, which is where you think about it really absurd. Right? So we'll Smith said this and I couldn't have figured out a better way of explaining it but he was talking about self-esteem and he said that self-esteem is it has nothing to do with anybody else which is so true. It's but it's such a fundamental like thing in the way that we think about it. We usually attribute someone's self-esteem to what somebody has done or said to that person instead of self-esteem is how you feel about you sorta as shit to do with anybody else in life. So I have adopted a personal philosophy that I live by outside of being absolutely ruthless. I guess being a part of of that philosophy is that I give zero fucks about what anybody thinks about me or says about me or feels about me, especially because I realized that what I am doing is

And to quote a man of Francis is of high service. Like what I do changes people's lives. It is life altering. It may not be life-altering to Joe Blow, but it's life-altering to Sallie Mae. Like everybody isn't everybody's cup of tea and that's fine. But that's anybody ever some of your most successful people on the planet aren't everybody's cup of tea. They still have their group of haters or people but the fact that someone would go as far as to hate on another person again tells you more about the person who's doing the hating than it does on the person that's being aided on if that makes sense. So my message to you today is what other people think of you is none of your fucking business when you make it your business, then you now start taking on the vibration of the foolishness of the person who is making it a point to, you know, try to disrupt your positive amazing frequencies, and I told I oh my God, this is like

For example, I say this to used to say to my children all the time, especially when they were in public school now that in virtual school, so it's kind of irrelevant but I used to say bullies like, you know, there's bullies and all the schools and the bullies weren't bullying, you know, whatever child even my son. My daughter's never seem to really have that situation but because or any child because there was something really wrong with the child that was being bullied. The bully was bullying them because the bully didn't feel good about themselves and they wanted to share that misery with someone else. They wanted somebody else to feel as bad as they did about themselves so that they wouldn't be alone misery loves company. But I live in a world where sodas joy and success and other awesome things. So keep that in mind the next time someone says something, you know hurtful about you to you calls a 15 people and tells them whatever realize that it's none of your fucking business,

until next time.

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