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This is a 4 month program offering a 1:1 "Mind Alchemy Experience" with The King Maker. Disclaimer: This is only for those who are truly ready to set the limitations that have been holding you back on fire and become empowered to never again be a victim. 


Whether in business or just life, I literally prepare my clients for their thrones, in whatever form that may take.​ At times that means actually shattering the very foundation of ones beliefs and setting the tenants of a persons old life on fire to prepare them for their coronation into a new more exspansive life experience.


Most importantly, I will help to create the infrastructure necessary to erect the Throne from which you will offer your inspiration to the world.​​ Are you ready to claim your crown? 



The Checkmate 1:1 Mind Alchemy Includes:

I. 4 monthly 44 minute 1:1 sessions with The King Maker over the course of 4 months, where we find and explore your individual path, aspirations and how to tangibly obtain them, using ancient techniques and very practical solutions.


II. A digital file that provides an indepth introduction into your 1:1 Checkmate Mind Alchemy with

The King Maker & many foundational secrets to success.


III. Customized Inspirational Decree & other bonuses 


IV. The Creation of Magic Course, and any other course realeased during 1:1 Coaching term and lots of homework. :) 


V. You get access to my entire body of work when you work with me in this way: All my virtual courses, all paid programs, bundles and anything else I release while we are working together.


***Payment Plan Available, Click for Details***

Checkmate 1:1 Mind Alchemy Experience - Payment Plan Available

Excluding Sales Tax
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